Karol Radziwonowicz

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General comments
For grand tradition to remain vital, its younger torchbearers must provide honest ideas and fresh responses. Pianist Radziwonowicz supplied both in his recital of music by Chopin and Paderewski. (...) Radziwonowicz has a full bodied cantabile tone that is never forced. His fervent response to harmonic color unselfconscious flexibility is something special. Most important, Radziwonowicz has his own interpretive perspective and isn’t simply following elusive ghost of the past. J. McCcarthy - SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE VOICE

...uncommonly talented pianist KAROL RADZIWONOWICZ... I already had an opportunity to write about him in connection with his splendid recording of Szymanowski's Third Piano Sonata. What had already struck me previously has been confirmed here to the full extent. Great spontaneity in the act of reproduction was not suppressed by his strong intellectual control. Radziwonowicz takes great joy of performing, possess purity of emotion and faultless technical precision. Complete liberation of hands from all stresses! How much these hands can already do today! J. Weber - ANTENA
Interpretations by KAROL RADZIWONOWICZ rise high above a common level and place him among the outstanding artists with great future. W. Marucha - ANTENA
KAROL RADZIWONOWICZ performed Liszt A-Major Piano Concerto with his proper finesse and nobility. It is fascinating to discover new aspects of this well-known piece, especially under a guidance of such a creative personality – as Radziwonowicz and with  such efficient and sensitive ingress. In his playing, there is something from an intelligent game, so remote from any emotional abuse. This is true art and a good shield against banal. Such a performance raises the respect of the listener. efef - GAZETA POMORSKA
KAROL RADZIWONOWICZ, played this time a Liszt recital, on the 100th anniversary of the composer death. He presented a fantastic technique, which if further developed, could bring the still young pianist to the standard of past virtuosi who played pianos to pieces, without a blink of an eye.(...) J. Waldorff - POLITYKA
KAROL RADZIWONOWICZ’s performance of the Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise in E-Flat major op. 22 showed not only his phenomenal technique but also sophistication of interpretation. His delightful performance of Fantasy on Polish Themes op.13 will be long remembered by listeners. M.Gawalewicz -ZWIAZKOWIEC, Ottawa
K. RADZIWONOWICZ played the Piano Concerto in F-minor. (...) and his performance deserves applause. The pianist is equipped with a very good technique.  His feel for the beautiful tone and for Chopin's piano qualities, and   sensitiveness for the emotional character of the cantilena contributed to the outcome. This was good Chopin! B. Banas -TRYBUNA OPOLSKA
F. Chopin - Arrangement for Piano and String Quintet recording
This is one of the most brilliant collections to come across this desk in quite a while... After initial listening, I was most impressed with the artistic virtuosity of Karol Radziwonowicz. The music flows from Radziwonowicz's hands in a steady stream of stunning sound. His technical command is brilliants. There is a natural, unforced quality to his playing that is most seductive. B. Kettlewell - ALTERNATE MUSIC PRESS
In the Là ci darem la mano variations he (Radziwonowicz) recaptures the show-stopping bravura which first prompted Schumann's exclamation, "Hats off, gentlemen, a genius!", and his playing flashes fire in the final cascades of the Introduction and Polonaise (transcribed here for solo piano by Czerny).  His tributes to Godowsky and Michalowski (two more audacious arrangers) will delight all virtuoso-fanciers, whether in the former's darkly glittering left-hand arrangement of the E flat minor Etude, or in the latter's sequined double-note finery, and his performance of the cloudy, recondite C sharp minor Prelude, Op 45 (mercifully left intact) is straightforward but never prosaic. B. Morisson - GRAMOPHONE
Radziwonowicz is brilliant.  His fine technique and interpretive acuity, as well as I Solisti's impeccable execution, are sufficient selling points for the collection.  But what sets the product apart are the unique and attractive arrangements, for piano and string quintet, of Chopin's solo  piano and piano concerto works. Peter Jackson - The Telegram
The recording would be unique if only for the naturally musical and virile piano playing of Karol Radziwonowicz. But it can claim even more originality for being the first to record Chopin`s pieces in  arrangements for piano and string quintet... Karol Radziwonowicz plays with an impressively natural feeling for phrase and melodic  nuance which his technique supports with admirable clarity and polish .....This is an extremely worthwhile addition to the Chopin catalogue - Chopin with a flawless accent. Stephen Pedersen - SUNDAY HERALD
The  artist shows a refreshing view for the Chopin's art. The mature and virtuosic piano playing of KAROL RADZIWONOWICZ, as well as the splendid sense of romantic style, presented by ensemble, allow to feel the essence of Fryderyk Chopin's music. P. Bagnowski -AUDIO
The performance of Paderewski's Polish Fantasy has become a show cas for the talents of  pianist, KAROL RADZIWONOWICZ. He has introduced himself as a virtuoso with outstanding technical abilities and a romantic employ. The freely shaped timbre of his sound, or a rhythmic flexibility that enhanced the emotional component of his play, should not lead us to a wrong conclusion, for his pianistic art is equally based on intellectual concepts as on his intuitive spontaneity. His perfect phrasing and his concept of the piano part that was thoroughly thought over proved this. ARCHIPELAG
I. J. Paderewski - COMPLETE Solo Piano Works
From a pianistic point of view, Paderewski's piano compositions create several difficulties, both on the technical and musical levels. Recording Paderewski's complete piano works is not an easy task. Nonetheless KAROL RADZIWONOWICZ has taken the burden and has achieved a respectable result. This recording can be described as virtuosi and, in a good sense of the term, effectual. A. Sulek - STUDIO
It has been very fortunate that KAROL RADZIWONIOWICZ has decided to record this set Paderewski's Complete Piano Works (...) his interpretation has made me aware how beautiful this music is. (...) As an interpreter, RADZIWONOWICZ presents here all his virtues; all aspects of his playing are excellent. He shows off a full command of the piano, sparkling sense of humor, even musical jokes, (...), temperament and a wonderful virtuoso panache. P.Bagnowski - RUCH MUZYCZNY
I. J. Paderewski - Integrale de l'oeuvre pour piano
Interpretation of the music so connected to its creator and his times is not an easy task. Radziwonowicz did not try at all to make just another copy of Paderewski's own recordings. His enthusiastic approach is not tempered by any sentimentality. The Polish pianist believes in this music and brings us, without any excess or vulgarity, an almost physical love of the keyboard that underly Paderewski's piano works. Alain Cochard - Diapason
J.Zarebski - Piano Works recording
KAROL RADZIWONOWICZ is able to develop brilliant sound from the piano and he performs this music (of J. Zarebski) with the suitable respect. His virtuosity is totally submitted to the artistic expression, the perfection of this performance delights. K. Miklaszewski - STUDIO
K. Mikuli - Piano Works recording
Karol Radziwonowicz splendidly manage himself with difficult works by Mikuli. In his interpretation, he doesn’t try to add what is not in the music. He plays naturally, in a way, brilliant with imagination and sensitivity. When we add that he plays with all difficulties, for what more can ask ? M. Niewiadomski - MUZYKA
KAROL RADZIWONOWICZ, a young pianist, just after graduation, proved to be a full-fledged artist, who understands and feels Beethoven very well. he played with dramatic and heroic gestures, with a pathos where it was necessary; he also presented inspired lyricism, particularly in adagio. in the crucial parts of the concerto, (Beethoven's Fifth Piano Concerto) he demonstrated a very high level of technical proficiency (...) Moreover, I want to stress that the pianist has a rich imagination for the sound. Each tone is set off with a vivid energy, focus and richness of timbre.B. Banas -TRYBUNA OPOLSKA
KAROL RADZIWONOWICZ presented faultless technique, excellent feeling of rhythm, great musicality, an understanding of Beethoven's style and the ability of teamwork with the orchestra. (Beethoven's E-flat Major Piano Concerto.)M. Stowpiec - RUCH MUZYCZNY
KAROL RADZIWONOWICZ, a young talented pianist, presented a highly individualized understanding of Bach's style. He played smoothly and lightly with great technical proficiency. We should observe Radziwonowicz's career with great attention because of the easiness of his playing, spontaneity and inventiveness of interpretation.A. Mazur - RUCH MUZYCZNY
Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue
A special celebration of Rhapsody in Blue was the bravura performance of soloist, KAROL RADZIWONOWICZ, who is a virtuoso with a masterful control of the keyboard. Not every pianist, even among the greatest, knows how to play Gershwin; this artist though, has a feeling for what swing is about. W. Obniska -GLOS WYBRZEZA
Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue was performed by KAROL RADZIWONOWICZ. His interpretation was exquisite: full of wonderful feel for rhythm, melodic jazz idioms, blues, ragtime (...) Moreover, the pianist produces a nice and deliberate sound; his play is characterized by a flawless technique, and vigorous rhythms. All these qualities contribute to his suggestive interpretation of this characteristic piece. B. Banas - TRYBUNA OPOLSKA